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CSR – Sunbeth Extends Clean Water Access to Rural Communities 

Continuing in a series of impact-focused CSR initiatives for local communities, Sunbeth Global Concepts has commissioned clean water supply projects in multiple communities across its cocoa-sourcing network. The benefitting communities were Bamilkemo, Ojojo, Kajola, Idanre, Aponmu, Owo, and Owena in Ondo State, Erin Oke in Osun State, Ilawe-Ekiti and Ise-Ekiti…
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Understanding Regulatory Frameworks and Compliance in Cocoa Export

International cocoa trade is a significant contributor to the global economy and a key revenue source for many countries like Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon. In addition, the general cocoa value chain is an economic mainstay in these countries, providing means of livelihoods for millions of farmers and meeting…
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Sunbeth Partners With Steller Academy For Boycode Bootcamp 3.0

Nigeria’s foremost agricultural commodity export company, Sunbeth Global Concepts Limited has announced its partnership with The Stellar Academy, an Information Technology Company for the 3rd edition of the Boycode Bootcamp.  The Boycode Bootcamp is a comprehensive training program aimed at equipping young boys in underserved African communities with digital and…
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Happy Easter Writing Amidst Sweets

Easter and Chocolates

The Easter season is characterized by a sense of renewal and joy permeating the air. It’s a period of celebration focusing on themes of rebirth, hope, love, sacrifice, and a little indulgence, especially among Christians worldwide. Of course, the most popular objects of indulgence, especially among Western cultures, are sweets,…
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In a Nutshell, Cashew Nuts Are…?

Feel free to complete the sentence with whatever you think of them. But we think cashew nuts are some of the most fascinating food commodities. For starters, they are not actual nuts. While popularly referred to as nuts, cashew kernels are botanically recognized as seeds because they grow inside a…
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Eu Deforestation Regulation

Olasunkanmi Owoyemi Talks About EU Deforestation-Free Regulation and Africa

The Managing Director of Sunbeth Global Concepts, Olasunkanmi Owoyemi, recently wrote an article about the European Union Deforestation-Free Regulation (EUDR) and its potential effects on commodity trade originating from Africa to Europe. The article which was published on THE NATION news covered the following key points. Brief Background Into EUDR…
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