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CSR – Sunbeth Extends Clean Water Access to Rural Communities 

Continuing in a series of impact-focused CSR initiatives for local communities, Sunbeth Global Concepts has commissioned clean water supply projects in multiple communities across its cocoa-sourcing network. The benefitting communities were Bamilkemo, Ojojo, Kajola, Idanre, Aponmu, Owo, and Owena in Ondo State, Erin Oke in Osun State, Ilawe-Ekiti and Ise-Ekiti…
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Christmas Special – Why Chocolates are Associated with Christmas 

Yearly, with the Yuletide season comes an increase in the circulation of chocolates and cocoa-based beverages. From festive gift baskets to delicately wrapped boxes and themed Christmas decorations, chocolates have become an integral part of the holiday tradition. While many may not pay attention to this association, the connection between…
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Sunbeth Global Concepts Showcases Premium Products at IATF 2023

Sunbeth Global Concepts Limited, a leading Nigerian agribusiness company, made a strong presence at the Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF) 2023 held in Cairo, Egypt. The company showcased its top-of-the-line, certified premium products, including cocoa, sesame, and soybeans, attracting the attention of potential partners and industry leaders. Over the six days…
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Key Takeaways from Project Trace Launch

The Project Trace Launch was an intriguing event featuring the participation of government bodies, private businesses, and other organizations, all contributing their perspectives on the imperative of enhancing Nigeria’s Cocoa Sustainability by January 2025 Notable participating bodies included the Cocoa Farmers Association of Nigeria (CFAN), the Cocoa Research Institute of…
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Report: SGCL Participates in the Africa Singapore Forum

It was a remarkable experience at the Africa Singapore Business Forum 2023. This 2-Day conference fostered key conversations around the efforts and strategies necessary to strengthen business and trade relations between Africa and Singapore.  The forum created the perfect avenue for industry leaders, captains of companies and political statesmen to…
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Forum:  Navigating EU Due Diligence: SUNBETH’s Journey to Responsible Sourcing and Traceability Compliance 

Sunbeth Global Concepts acknowledges the need for resolute commitments to sustainability and elevating its traceability system to effect significant transformation within the cocoa export sector, all while aligning with EU regulations. Consequently, the company is unveiling strategies to promote these endeavors throughout every facet of its operations and collaborations.  Towards…
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Sunbeth Global Concept Takes Women’s Empowerment to Rural Communities 

Sunbeth Global Concept has once again displayed its dedication to driving a appreciable impact in rural communities around its primary business locations. Through its Sustainability Department, SGCL recently orchestrated an empowerment initiative for women residents in Igbaraoke and its environment, which took place in Isharun of Ifedore Local Government Area,…
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