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The Importance of Fair Trade Practices in the Cocoa Industry

A glance at the financial figures from the global cocoa industry and other statistics involving the value chain will make you believe every participant in the cocoa supply chain must be wealthy. However, the hype around the profitability and lucrative nature of the cocoa industry does not reflect the true…
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The Economics of Cocoa Production and Export in Nigeria

The cocoa industry is a key contributor to the overall value of the Nigerian agricultural sector. Beyond that, cocoa’s economic impacts are evident in its contributions to Nigeria’s GDP – providing stable sources of livelihoods for farmers, distributors, and other value chain operators. Unsurprisingly, the physical transfer of several metric…
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Understanding Regulatory Frameworks and Compliance in Cocoa Export

International cocoa trade is a significant contributor to the global economy and a key revenue source for many countries like Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon. In addition, the general cocoa value chain is an economic mainstay in these countries, providing means of livelihoods for millions of farmers and meeting…
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Make More! – Increasing Profitability in Cocoa Production Part 2

This is the sequel of the two-part article series. The first part talks about the profitability limiters in the cocoa industry – discussing some of the factors that contribute to meager profitability for cocoa producers. Click Here to read it. How to Increase Profitability in Cocoa Production Increasing productivity in…
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Eu Deforestation Regulation

Olasunkanmi Owoyemi Talks About EU Deforestation-Free Regulation and Africa

The Managing Director of Sunbeth Global Concepts, Olasunkanmi Owoyemi, recently wrote an article about the European Union Deforestation-Free Regulation (EUDR) and its potential effects on commodity trade originating from Africa to Europe. The article which was published on THE NATION news covered the following key points. Brief Background Into EUDR…
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Supply Chain Challenges in the Cocoa Industry Part 2

This is a follow-up article. Before you continue reading, you may want to read the first part of this article. Click on this link: “Supply Chain Challenges in the Cocoa Industry – PART 1.” A lack of adequate compensation and remuneration for farmers A significant percentage of the cocoa that…
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Supply Chain Challenges in the Cocoa Industry Part 1

The cocoa supply chain in Nigeria is a complex network that includes nodes and exchange sites. It is through these nodes and exchange points that the cocoa beans travel on their journey to processing plants both inside and outside of the country. The cocoa supply chain in Nigeria follows the…
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