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Assortment Fine Chocolate Candies

Yearly, with the Yuletide season comes an increase in the circulation of chocolates and cocoa-based beverages. From festive gift baskets to delicately wrapped boxes and themed Christmas decorations, chocolates have become an integral part of the holiday tradition. While many may not pay attention to this association, the connection between chocolates and the Yuletide season has a rich history that extends beyond mere confectionery. 

Sweet cocoa beverages and chocolates are common food items associated with Yuletide, even though the origin stories of Christmas and Yuletide holidays had little to no correlation with chocolate or cocoa.  

However, nowadays, there are several varieties of Christmas-themed chocolate recipes, crafts, and beverages. In several places across the world, chocolate has become symbolic to Christmas, just like the fried Turkey is to Thanksgiving in the United States – for them, Christmas isn’t complete without chocolate treats. But how did that happen? Here are some common theories on the association of chocolates with Christmas. 

Delicious Christmas Chocolate And Sweets On Rustic Background
Delicious festive Christmas chocolate and sweets on rustic background

Historical Significance 

Cocoa, or Cacao, holds cultural and festive significance in some past cultures. The ancient Greeks called it “Theobroma,” which translates to “Food of the gods.” Hence, they treated it as a revered food item, which they often only consumed on special occasions. 

Similarly, the Aztecs also considered cocoa a divine food item, and they often drank “Xocolatl” (Which was Europeanized as ”Chocolate”), a concoction derived from cocoa during special occasions and celebrations.  

Moreover, when Europeans discovered chocolate, it was predominantly the royalty that had access to it, and they treated it as a luxury item reserved for festivities, hence how it found its natural inclusion in holiday celebrations. 

As such, the origin of cocoa and chocolate consumption has always had a festive and divine undertone, which resonates with the spirit of Christmas.  

Mexicans also have a tradition of coating the Christmas turkey with a layer of chocolate. Alongside, the Germans celebrate St Nicholas Day on the 7th of December, during which kids put out Christmas socks and come the next day to find them full of treats, often chocolates and candy.  

Symbolism of Sweetness 

Tis the season to be jolly.” Christmas is a time of joy, love, and happy memories. Modern chocolates, with their trademark sweetness, have come to symbolize these sentiments. For kids who are often the most excited for the holidays, Yuletide is the “sweets and gifts season,” with the all-time favourites being chocolate products. 

Offering chocolates during the Yuletide season is a gesture of goodwill and affection – another core principle that Christmas stands for. Sharing a box of chocolates with friends and family reflects the spirit of generosity and togetherness that defines the holiday season. 

Assortment Fine Chocolate Candies 1

Tradition of Gift-Giving 

The tradition of exchanging gifts during Christmas has deep Christian roots, dating back to the story of the Three Wise Men presenting gifts to the infant Jesus. In addition to that, the titular Santa Clause, or Father Christmas, is portrayed as a benevolent figure who goes around leaving gifts for kids on the eve of Christmas. 

Chocolates, with their wide appeal and variety, have become a popular choice for gift-giving Whether in the form of a festive chocolate assortment or a personalized box, chocolates make for a thoughtful and generally appreciated gift. You can hardly go wrong with chocolates when not sure what gifts to give for Christmas. 

Comfort and Warmth 

Christmas occurs in the winter season, characterized by chilly weather. This is also when the Winter Solstice occurs, heralding the harshest season of the year. Chocolates, particularly hot cocoa or rich truffles, provide a comforting and warming experience against the cold. 

Over time, indulging in chocolate and cocoa-based beverages has become a cosy ritual, contributing to the feeling of warmth and contentment during the holiday season. 

The association between chocolate and the Yuletide season is a delightful and culturally rich tradition. Whether enjoyed as a practice of historical significance, given as a gesture of sweetness and sharing, a thoughtful gift, or a source of comfort and warmth, chocolates and other cocoa-based beverages have become a prominent part of the Christmas experience. 

At Sunbeth global concepts we celebrate the sweet association between chocolate and Christmas alongside playing a pivotal role in making it blossom. We take pride in ensuring there is an abundance of chocolate crafts during the most beautiful time of the year.  

Our commitment extends beyond mere celebration; We facilitate a seamless transition of cocoa beans from local farms in Nigeria to various chocolate factories in Africa, Europe, America and Asia through our sourcing and distribution network. We guarantee a reliable supply of premium, high quality cocoa beans to processing companies globally, ensuring the primary raw materials needed to create delectable chocolate treats for Christmas are always readily available. 

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