CSR: Sunbeth Completes School Renovation in Aponmu Community

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Fulfilling its commitment to corporate social responsibility and extending a graceful hand to local communities, Sunbeth Global Concepts recently embarked on the renovation of multiple blocks of classrooms in Aponmu High School and St Peter’s Primary School in Aponmu community.

Recall that the company reiterated its commitment to CSR and bringing tangible impacts into rural communities during a stakeholder’s forum it held back in September. The Managing Director, Olasunkanmi Owoyemi, had unveiled plans to renovate existing structures and develop modern learning facilities in select communities across Ondo, Osun, and Ogun State.

Aponmu is the first of the many communities across Ondo state earmarked for SGC’s CSR activities and other rural development initiatives. The two selected schools had the most obvious need for renovation, hence why they were chosen out of the available options.

Prior to the renovation by Sunbeth Global Concepts, the facilities in both schools weren’t conducive as learning environments for young students. The building structures were in sorry states, lacking elements that inspire a love for learning or creativity among students.

These factors contributed to Sunbeth’s selection of the schools and its decision to refurbish them into state-of-the-art learning environments with all the crucial resources to inspire the students and their educators and foster the academic development of these future leaders.

The renovation projects were awarded to Crowell Engineering Services, who commenced activities on the site on the 18th of September, 2023, and took approximately five weeks to complete it.

The project resulted in an elaborate makeover of the learning facilities in the selected schools. This included;

  • Reconstruction of dilapidated blocks, walls, and fences
  • Replacement of all the roofing materials on the classroom blocks
  • Wall plastering and painting
  • Attaching new iron doors and windows to the classrooms 
  • Fixing lighting and ceiling fans in the classrooms to make the environment more comfortable for students
  • Renovating staff offices and the Library 
  • Reconstruction of the staff’s restroom

These projects are the first of many that have been earmarked by Sunbeth Global Concepts to make its impact felt in rural communities. The company has already commenced work on the development of clean water sources as well as other amenities in several other communities.

The Projects in Pictures

Before renovation

During renovation

The newly renovated blocks of classrooms

Official handing over to the school authority

At Sunbeth Global Concepts, we’re intentional about helping the communities around us thrive. But it is not only by doing business with them, we also want to give back and actively contribute to their development. This is one of the ways we contribute to overall national development from the grassroots. Join us as we unveil more initiatives to foster rural development in Nigeria.

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