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Continuing in a series of impact-focused CSR initiatives for local communities, Sunbeth Global Concepts has commissioned clean water supply projects in multiple communities across its cocoa-sourcing network. The benefitting communities were Bamilkemo, Ojojo, Kajola, Idanre, Aponmu, Owo, and Owena in Ondo State, Erin Oke in Osun State, Ilawe-Ekiti and Ise-Ekiti in Ekiti State, and Ikom in Cross Rivers State. 

The first round of the CSR projects began simultaneously in Bamikemo, Ojojo, Kajola, Idanre, Aponmu, Owo, and Owena communities in late December 2023. It involved borehole drilling and installation of solar-powered water treatment and supply systems in strategic locations to serve the needs of the community residents.  

The subsequent rollouts of the projects were expanded to Oke-Erin Ijesa in Osun State as well as Ise and Ilawe-Ekiti. The latest of the projects was commissioned in Ikom community, Cross River State.                                                                                                                                        

Why Water Projects? 

Sunbeth Global Concepts is committed to making meaningful contributions to the rural communities around its areas of operations. The company is not just interested in what it obtains from doing business with the farmers producing in these rural areas; we also want to ensure community members enjoy basic amenities, including clean water access and quality infrastructure. These water supply projects are manifestations of these intentions.  

While deciding on the best way to increase its local impact, Sunbeth identified a common pain point in the various communities it does business with. This problem stemmed from the lack of a healthy water supply for consumption and other uses.  

Through observations and interaction with community members, Sunbeth’s sustainability representatives discovered that the residents in the various communities struggle to obtain clean water in their immediate environments. Accounts from numerous respondents confirmed that community members have been grappling with this problem for years. Residents of communities like Aponmu, Bamikemo, and Owo obtained their water supply from poorly maintained wells. The water from these sources was often unhealthy for consumption and required treatment through boiling and filtration to be fit for drinking and cooking.  

In other places, residents have to cross long distances to get clean water. In more extreme cases involving communities like Ugbegun and Idanre, the general water supply is extremely scarce, forcing residents to search for water by any means possible. 

The key reason for the water projects was Sunbeth’s desire to address these issues and make it easier for the residents to obtain clean water for everyday use. In addition, the projects form part of the company’s sustainability initiatives linked to the United Nations Development Goal 6 of providing safe and affordable water for all by the year 2030. 

The borehole projects were commissioned upon completion and given to community leaders for the residents’ general benefit. In addition to providing the water treatment plants, Sunbeth also assumed responsibility for their maintenance for the near future, ensuring that the projects are sustainable, and the beneficiaries will enjoy the amenities for long. 

The Beneficiaries’ Opinions 

Speaking on the impact of the borehole projects in their communities, several residents attested that the initiative is well appreciated and accepted. Some communities went as far as celebrating the commissioning of the projects with merriment, reflecting their joy for the new developments. 

It is worth noting that the clean water project rollout began just a few weeks after Sunbeth Global Concepts completed the renovation projects on two schools (Aponmu High School and St Peters Nursery and Primary Aponmu). This further shows that Sunbeth is interested in the overall development of grassroots communities. Our commitment to these local areas extends beyond providing clean water sources but also in corporate social responsibility — fostering quality education and talent development for young individuals in Nigeria. 

These CSR projects are only the first of many, and Sunbeth plans to keep implementing impactful initiatives across the Nigerian rural landscape. Sunbeth Global Concepts is intentional about helping the communities around it thrive not only by doing business with them but also by giving back and actively contributing to their development while fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. Join us as we unveil more CSR initiatives to foster rural development in Nigeria. 

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