Relax, Recharge and Bond: SunbethGCL Team Retreat Promotes Unity and Growth Mindset

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Team Bonding Blog Post

It was all fun, games, and some rain as the Sunbeth Global Concept team brought their liveliness to the picturesque Smoking Hills Golf Resort in Ilara Mokin on Saturday, 22nd July 2023. The company’s staff gathered at this serene venue for a weekend of relaxation, camaraderie, and team bonding.

The intra-company mixer aimed to foster unity, collaboration, and stronger interpersonal relationships among the employees. Sunbeth Global Concepts recognizes the importance of creating a friendly and connected work environment where employees work together harmoniously, free from animosity or unhealthy competition. This retreat was thoughtfully organized to provide the team with an opportunity to unwind in nature and build meaningful connections with their co-workers.

While some members were unable to attend, each department was well-represented, and participants from different sections had the chance to interact with colleagues from other offices. The event also brought together representatives from the Sagamu warehouse and the Lagos office.

Getting Ready for the Sack Race

The retreat featured a diverse range of engaging activities that promoted teamwork and healthy competition. Divided into five groups, the participants took part in various games, including balloon racing, egg racing, sack racing, football matches, table tennis matches, and tug-of-war contests.

One of the highlights of the event was a captivating self and career development talk by Dr. Segun Ariyo. The speaker emphasized the significance of mindset change in personal and professional growth. He explained that reprogramming one’s mindset is crucial for achieving exceptional results and generating innovative ideas.

He explained that mindset reprogramming requires intentionality, especially in education, thought leadership, society/environment selection, religion, and social media use. 

Starting with education, he encouraged the audience to study not just for the sake of it, but with a clear purpose in mind. For instance, to think like a strategist, they should study strategy and implementation, and to think like an entrepreneur, they should explore the principles of creating and running businesses.

Thought leadership was another crucial aspect highlighted by Dr. Ariyo. He urged participants to seek guidance from individuals whose achievements align with their aspirations, rather than relying solely on advice from those who haven’t reached their desired level of success.

The talk further emphasized the significance of one’s social environment in shaping their thoughts, perspectives, and values. Dr. Ariyo advised participants to be intentional about the communities they are a part of, as they play a major role in a person’s programming.

Regarding social media, Dr. Ariyo encouraged a mindful approach to information consumption. Spending less time on social media and being selective about the content absorbed can prevent the accumulation of superficial information that hinders genuine mindset change.

Bonding With Table Tennis

The primary takeaway from the enlightening lecture was the vital role of intentionality in mindset reprogramming. Individuals can calibrate their minds to achieve greater personal and professional growth by consciously directing their thoughts and influences.

The team-building retreat proved to be an outstanding initiative by Sunbeth Global Concepts, and was appreciated by all participants, as evidenced by their glowing feedback. Although the rain threatened to ruin the fun, the team’s spirit remained unbroken, and they made the most of the opportunity to relax, recharge, and forge stronger bonds.

Of course, the participants were also treated to a delightful meal and refreshing beverages, generously provided by the company.

Sunbeth Global Concepts’ commitment to creating a positive and cohesive work environment through events like these sets a commendable precedent for future team bonding initiatives. Such mixers will foster a culture of unity and collaboration that will undoubtedly contribute to the company’s continued success.

See some of the fun moments captured during the event

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