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The company has rapidly grown as a well-known exporter of top-quality cocoa beans and cashew in Nigeria through its impressive network of people, infrastructure, market awareness, logistics, and procurement capabilities.


We operate standard warehouses which allow transport optimisation along the supply chain. Our warehouse services are beyond storage of cocoa and cashew but also include quality analysis, moisture testing, drying, blending and packaging for exportation. We also maintain strict policies in relation to health and safety, quality control, security, pest control, maintenance and cleaning, record keeping and reporting. We are fully represented across all the trading zones in Nigeria.


Haulage service is a crucial aspect of our business. With over 20 trucks, we transport produce from our suppliers to our warehouses across the country and thereafter to the port once goods have been prepared for exportation. We provide efficient and effective haulage services across the country and have a very high standard of service in the industry.


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