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Sunbeth Global Concept has once again displayed its dedication to driving a appreciable impact in rural communities around its primary business locations. Through its Sustainability Department, SGCL recently orchestrated an empowerment initiative for women residents in Igbaraoke and its environment, which took place in Isharun of Ifedore Local Government Area, Ondo State.    

The intention behind the empowerment program was to develop entrepreneurial capacity in women, equipping them with skills and resources to offer value, generate income and have better means of livelihood.  

The majority of the participants are farmers who either own their farmlands or support their husband’s farming activities. At Sunbeth, we believe that these women can be more than their status quo and can apply themselves in other profitable but less strenuous ventures if shown how to. 

Sunbeth’s Sustainability team hosted the empowerment program in collaboration with Toyin Treats, a producer of Skincare products, toiletries, and other household cleaning materials. The event took place over three days featuring different training modules and practical sessions where the participants learnt the ingredients and processes that go into the making of dishwashing liquids and common skincare soaps. 

Participants of the Women Empowerment Initiative 

On the first day, the women learnt the soap-making fundamentals. They were shown the core ingredients required, the appropriate tools and their suitable alternatives, as well as the process for combining the components to derive all kinds of soap products.  

In addition, the participants also learnt the economic viability of the soap-making business and how they can make a livelihood from producing, packaging, and selling different kinds of cleaning products. 

After the first lecture, the participants were divided into groups where they had to work together to practice the soap-making processes. 

By the end of the first and second days, each group produced a bucket of dishwashing liquids and several bars of skincare soaps.  

On the last day, the groups learnt packaging and branding techniques for making their products presentable and market-ready. After the lecture, the dishwashing liquids made by the participants in the previous days were put into bottles, branded, and sealed, ready for the market. 

Dishwashing Liquid Produced, Packaged and Branded By the Participants of the Women Empowerment Initiative 

At the end of the program, all the items produced during the practicals were distributed among the participants. The women were also reimbursed for their transportation costs to and from the event’s location in a reiteration of SGCL’s commitment to ensuring the event was totally free and at no personal cost to the participants for the three days. 

Overall, the empowerment program was a huge success, as many of the participants had excellent reviews about the initiative. Several of the participants were interviewed in a post-event survey, and they all expressed their gratitude for the opportunity presented by Sunbeth Global Concepts, promising that they’ll take advantage of it to develop their own soap-making ventures. 

Group Picture of All The Participants of the Women Empowerment Program 

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