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Sunbeth Global Concepts Limited, a leading Nigerian agribusiness company, made a strong presence at the Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF) 2023 held in Cairo, Egypt. The company showcased its top-of-the-line, certified premium products, including cocoa, sesame, and soybeans, attracting the attention of potential partners and industry leaders.

Over the six days of the trade fair, Sunbeth’s exhibition stand attracted a diverse range of visitors, including fellow exhibitors from Nigeria and other countries, potential partners interested in sourcing high-quality agricultural products, and consumers eager to learn more about the company’s commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices.

Most notably, Sunbeth’s exhibition stand was graced by the presence of former Nigerian President and incumbent Chairman of the Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF2023) Advisory Council, Olusegun Obasanjo, who was impressed by the high quality of the company’s products. He even took a few raw cocoa seeds and enjoyed their taste. This endorsement by a respected figure like Former President Obasanjo further solidified Sunbeth’s reputation as a provider of premium agricultural products.

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The company’s participation at IATF 2023 was made possible by the support of its Trade Finance Partner, Fidelity Bank. Over the years, Sunbeth Global Concepts has established remarkable relationships with financial institutions within and outside Nigeria; its partnership with Fidelity Bank is an excellent representation of the company’s noteworthy engagement with financial institutions, opening up opportunities for it on the global stage. On this occasion, Fidelity Bank’s financial backing enabled Sunbeth to effectively showcase its products and connect with potential partners from across Africa and beyond

In addition to receiving and educating visitors at its stand, Sunbeth’s representatives at the fair also distributed samples of the company’s products to potential partners, allowing them to experience the exceptional quality firsthand. This sampling strategy proved to be successful, generating positive feedback and interest in future partnerships.

Sunbeth’s representatives engaged with participants who were curious about the origins and production processes of the company’s products. Visitors were particularly interested in the health benefits and the stories behind the farmers cultivating these products. This engagement highlighted the growing consumer interest in ethical sourcing and sustainable practices.

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As a company certified by Rainforest Alliance in cocoa bean production, Sunbeth is committed to sustainable practices and social responsibility. The company actively supports its farmers through various initiatives and strives to comply with all international global regulations.

Moreover, in line with EUDR, Sunbeth has intensified efforts to implement traceability regulations that will account for the source and production circumstances of its cocoa beans. This involves tracing every cocoa bean it obtains back to the farms where it was harvested and also investigating the processes that went into its production. This procedure is to ensure no unethical practices such as forced labour, worst forms of child labour or indiscriminate deforestation were involved.

Sunbeth’s participation at IATF 2023 was a resounding success, showcasing the company’s dedication to providing premium agricultural products while upholding sustainable and ethical practices. The company’s engagement with potential partners, industry leaders, and consumers has paved the way for future growth and expansion, further solidifying Sunbeth’s position as a leading agribusiness player in Africa.

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