Sunbeth Partners With Steller Academy For Boycode Bootcamp 3.0

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Nigeria’s foremost agricultural commodity export company, Sunbeth Global Concepts Limited has announced its partnership with The Stellar Academy, an Information Technology Company for the 3rd edition of the Boycode Bootcamp. 

The Boycode Bootcamp is a comprehensive training program aimed at equipping young boys in underserved African communities with digital and technical skills to help them leverage technology and thrive in an ever-evolving digital world. 

The opportunity is designed to take young boys off the streets in underserved communities across Nigeria, and empower them to become professionals in the tech community.

During the intensive tech training program, the participants will obtain digital literacy with a focus on technical subjects such as coding, programming, and software development – skills that will expose them to a world of opportunities that hitherto was not accessible to them.

In addition to the technical skills, the training will transform the mindset of the students putting them through a deep introspection process which will aid their personal growth. They will learn to develop confidence in their potential, dream big, set goals, and diligently go after them.

The 100 selected boys participating in the program will be provided with the necessary equipment including laptops and internet connection to help them learn effectively and practice the skills they’ve acquired. 

Essentially, the bootcamp aims to arm the boys with all the tools and skills to climb to the peak of the technological world.

Furthermore, upon conclusion of the training, the top performing students will get internship opportunities with leading tech companies including Microsoft, Resolute, Resolve, Nomba, and System Shift. Through these internships, the students will gain real-world experience putting all they’ve learnt into practice and taking the first of many steps into building successful careers as technologists.

The previous editions of the bootcamp were huge successes, involving the participation of notable voices in the tech community such as Emeka Mordi, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, Eyitayo Ogunmola, Abimbola Amusan, Tunde Shonekan, Bayo Lawal, and many other well meaning individuals who signed up to mentor the kids..

Sunbeth Global Concepts has partnered with The Steller Academy to be part of this transformative movement intended to secure the future young Nigerian tech talents. This partnership reflects SGCL’s commitment to improving the lives of people in underserved communities and providing them with opportunities to better their lives and break out of their limitations.

We believe this initiative can nurture and groom the next generation of Nigerian tech talent. By partnering and investing in these young minds, we contribute to developing the skills they need to succeed.

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